Jimmy Hugge


Currently the year 2017 is doing great for me.

Because of that, I want to bring you nearby my passions.

Fire department Dottendorf

Fire department Dottendorf

The beginning of all happened in 1998 at the extinguishing unit of the volunteer fire department Bonn in Dottendorf. It was a long path of trial and tribulation to become a fire chief, who started in the youth committee of the fire department. So am with my comrades responsible for the safety and helping out of the emergencies of the citizens of Bonn.

SV Hertha 1911 e.V. Buschhoven


Oh yes, football! That's it, what I need eagerly as a compensation towards my job. With 16 I found it out, but I wasn't steady to it. This am changing in 2017 and playing currently in the 3rd group in the defense. I will do my level best for the assembly to stay in the league.

KG Kleffbotze e.V. Friesdorf

KG Kleffbotze e.V. Friesdorf

The Kleffbotze.. A club with heart and soul, where am a member of it for 6 years. The fun won't stop ever, doesn't matter if its at functions trip activities like trips, internal and external functions and much more. It gives me always such a joy. So.... If you are having fun generally, click at the link and just register. I burst out: "Three times Kleffbotze, Alaaf!"

State of Bonn

State of Bonn

Since 1st December 2015 am working at the Federal City of Bonn as a operator of the sewage sludge incineration, a pioneer to dispose of the sludge. This means,that the mud won't reach the ground and precious phosphate seeps into the ground water.

Die Flüssigen

Die Flüssigen

The Flüssigen is a carnivalesque community with lot of actions and happenings, like it's written in a book. For 2 years am a member and i affirm, that's making fun again and again to celebrate with them and to be a participant of the the marching group in the rose day parade. Whoever wants to be a piece of something big than you should click on the link and register yourself. You won't regret it! Promise! Here as well I shout out:" Three times from heart, the Flüssigen, Alaaf!"

Electrical engineers

Electrical engineers

The electrical engineers takes over beside his typical professional activity the maintenance, installation and repair of electrical machines and drivesystems. The electrical engineers are familiar with the techniques of metalworking and is familiar with electric motors and transformers from as well. Electrical engineers take over the programming for control of drivesystems and solve the failure analysis and do troubleshooting of at these facilities.

About me

Hello!My name is Jimmy Hugge and am from the year 1985.

I studied electrical machine building.

Through the given talent in mechanical skills, am repairing electrical engines passionately.

Like that am staying connected to my occupation.

Am glad about your feedback and believe that we will meet somewhere.


Jimmy Hugge

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